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PR Programs for International Students:


- Express Entry (FSW, FSTW, CEC)

- ON PNP: Employer Job Offer Stream for International Students

- ON PNP: Employer Job Offer Stream for In-demand Skills

- ON PNP: MA or PhD Graduate Stream

- ON PNP: Human Capital Priorities Stream (EE)

- ON PNP: Skilled Trades Stream (EE)

- AB PNP: AOS (Alberta Opportunity Stream)

​- BC Express Entry: international post-graduate category

- BC Skills Immigration: international post-graduate category

- NS PNP: Market Priority

- AIPP (Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program)

  and more...

The suitable program(s) for you may depend on your education, work experience, age, English score, skills, job offer, etc. There are many choices, but you need to select and focus on the best option.

Please go to our "Services" section to find out more immigration options or contact us for better assistance at (416) 803 8829 or

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