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Family Sponsorship:  


Generally there are two types of family sponsorship:

1. Parents or grandparents sponsorship

2. Spouse or common-law partner sponsorship


1. Sponsoring your parents and/or grandparents


If you are citizens and permanent residents of Canada, you can sponsor your parents and grandparents to come to Canada. 


Step 1: Determine your eligibilities to be a sponsor. And submit an interest to sponsor form.

(This form is available by IRCC announcement.)

Step 2: IRCC reviews all submissions and randomly select you to apply to sponsor your parents and grandparents. It is like a lottery selection.

(IRCC posts the invitation status on the site)


Step 3: Submit your application by the deadline.

Note) Super Visa:

Please note that there may be a Super Visa option for some family if sponsorship is not available. A Super Visa is a type of visitor visa which allows parents or grandparents to visit Canada for up to two years at a time. You may extent one time.



2. Sponsoring your spouse or common-law partner


If you are citizens and permanent residents of Canada, you can sponsor your spouse or common-law partner to come to Canada. 

Basic eligibilities of a sponsor:

  • Sponsor should be at least 18 years old

  • Sponsor must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or a person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act

    • If a sponsor is a Canadian citizen living outside Canada, you must show that you plan to live in Canada when the persons you want to sponsor become permanent residents.

    • A sponsor cannot sponsor an applicant if a sponsor is a permanent resident living outside Canada.

  • Sponsor should prove that he/she is not receiving social assistance except a disability

  • Sponsor must provide for the basic needs of an applicant and dependant family

Please note that you must meet Quebec’s immigration sponsorship requirements if you live in Quebec.

When you (applicant) apply for spouse sponsorship, you need to arrange your past 10 years’ information. Please download our free form from the Assessment & Form page.

If you want to sponsor your family members, please contact us at (416) 803 8829 or

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