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You can become a Canadian citizen if you meet all the following conditions:

  • Age: over 18 years old;

  • Permanent resident status: PR without any condition;

  • Time you have lived in Canada: 3 out of 5 years (1095 days) from your application date;

  • Language skills (CLB level 4 (S:4.0 L:4.5) or Canadian secondary education or above);

  • Criminal history (prohibitions): No criminal records in both countries; and

  • How well you know Canada (Knowledge test): Free study guide ‘Discover Canada’


Process: Apply - Check – Knowledge Test/ Interview/ Hearing – Decision - Ceremony (Oath of citizenship)

Processing time: 12-14 months for regular application (Note: No on-line application yet, only paper)


How do I calculate my residence? Use “On-line Residence Calculator

When you apply for your citizenship, you need to arrange your past 5 years’ information. Please download our free form from Assessment & Form page.

For more information related to citizenship, please contact us at (416) 803 8829 or

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